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  1. Thanks @jpeyron Being able to capture any image raw or not would be helpful. I have the full omnivision data sheet, but I think this function would reside on the zybo side as it would need to capture and store the image somewhere
  2. Hello again, As I continue to experiment with this development kit, I would find it valuable to be able to capture Raw images. Is that possible to do somehow? I didn't see any mention of it in the Demo documentation but it is possible that I missed it. Thanks again -Ted
  3. Hi @JColvin, Thanks for the offer, but I have a board here that i can do the same thing with. I was hopeful that someone might have an export available as it would save some time in designing a protective enclosure. Thanks again
  4. Hi, Before I embark on creating my own model I thought I would ask if there is a Step file available for the above mentioned Zybo Z7 board. I have an action to build an enclosure around it (unless someone can point me to one that is available for sale) and the CAD model would be a huge time savings. Many thanks
  5. The answer is yes, that fixed it! Thank you so much! The odd thing is that I tried this in one of my attempts and put it back to QSPI as it didnt work. Regardless thank you so very much for walking me through this. all looks good now:
  6. @jpeyron, No, it looks like it is set to QSPI, should I change that?
  7. Hi @jpeyron, Here is the message i get from Tera term Is what the console looks like in the sdk
  8. Hi @jpeyron , 1.) Zybo Z7 zynq - 7020 Development board is what the box says 2.) HDMI is connected to HDMI TX 3.) Confirmed 4.) No, as i am not getting an image from the camera, what is displayed on the monitor is a moving set of colors a "demo screen" if you will as shown here: I will get a screen shot momentarily, I just went through the whole process NOT using the SDK handoff method which i find to be a lot more difficult. But no, there were no warnings that i recall, but will circle back shortly. thank you for your help.
  9. Hi everyone, So I have spent probably too much time trying to figure this stuff out on my own. I should preface this with I have little to no experience with these types of boards (FPGA). I followed the Demo documentation (https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/github-demos/start ) line by line, multiple times and keep netting the same results. I have installed version "Vivado Design Suite & Xilinx SDK 2016.4" and downloaded the appropriate project files for the PCAM 5D project (2016.4) I am using a windows 10 machine. The demo instructions don't actually tell you how to get the camera to turn on. It tells you how to program and connect everything and then jumps into how to communicate via the UART communication channel..so it could be as simple as I'm missing the most obvious step due to my lack of experience. All I ever get through HDMI is what appears to be called the "Zybo Z7-20 Rev. B Demo Image" it comes up on power on, goes away during programming, and when I run either fsbl or pcam_vdma_hdmi the screen will go black for a moment then come back to the moving color "demo screen" any input/guidance would be greatly appreciated