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  1. A voltage translator seems to have done the trick. Now the temperature is within spec. About 0.5-1°C above my calibrated reference. Thank you!
  2. // Pins for tempmodule #1 #define CS 10 #define MISO 12 #define SCLK 13 // Pins for tempmodule #2 #define CS2 4 #define MISO2 6 #define SCLK2 7 #include <SPI.h> #include "Adafruit_MAX31855.h" Adafruit_MAX31855 Temp(SCLK, CS, MISO); Adafruit_MAX31855 Temp2(SCLK2, CS2, MISO2); double T1; double T2; T1 = Temp.readCelsius(); T2 = Temp2.readCelsius(); I power the Pmod TC1s with 3.3V, but no, I do not use any voltage translator.
  3. I have two Pmod TC1 that I use with an Ardunio Mega. They both return too high temperature. One reads 30.5°C and the other 28.5°C when it should be about 22°C. I moved the termocouple to a calibrated thermometer and got 22°C. When I start (or restart) the Arduino the temperature starts at about 26°C and increases up to 30.5°C and 28.5°C after a few seconds. What could be the reason?