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  1. Despite the promises [email protected] above, he now says there are no updates and no plans to produce any either. Utterly disappointed. Its got a lot of promise and Digilent made a lot of promises to work on the bugs and update firmware etc. Its a lemon. I've persevered for a long time, but its going in the bin now.
  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the update. I'm using firmware 1.3 which appears to be latest version. I've had a look at Waveforms live and I can see some of the things you mention are working - many thanks. Somem things not working are illustrated in the screenshots attached: Item 3 in my earlier post: although I have two profiles stored on the SD card, only one of them appears in the drop down selection menu. I can now enter "dBA" in the scaling but I can't set the y-axis limits wide enough to see the signal - limited by the Units/ which can only be set to a maximum of 5. I think the selections here need to be updated with reference to the scale factor. Saving of the DC output settings did not seem to stick for me. Keep at it - your efforts are most appreciated and welcome! Regards Steve
  3. Hi Andrew, did you make any progress on OpenLogger/Waveforms live? regards Steve
  4. Hi @AndrewHolzer, Would it be possible for a timestamp from the host computer to be added to .log files? It would only need to be the time at which the logging started (eg in the header), ie individual scans don't need to be timestamped. For standalone logging where openlogger is not connected to any host, that would not be possible, but for many situations logging is initiated from a host of some sort. Another option is to let the filename automatically include the initial date and time.
  5. Many thanks for trying that out! I tried what you did and I can sometimes connect, but generally its not reliable and it stops working soon after.
  6. I've been able to use Waveforms live and connect to my OpenLogger through my phone's wifi hotspot in the past. However since I've upgraded firmware to 1.3.0 I have not been able to to this. I now get a message "firmware update required" even though I'm on the latest openlogger firmware. (see screenshot). The blue light is on solid, indicating that I'm connected to wifi. I've also tried connecting through my home wifi network with waveformslive on my computer, and get the same message. Can anyone at Digilent or elsewhere check to see if you can connect via phone hotspot with firmware version 1.3.0? (I also cannot connect via wifi from my PC - I can ping the openlogger, but cannot connect to it...) many thanks - Steve
  7. Many thanks Andrew, really pleased to hear that there is more work in the pipeline for WverformsLive. Regards, Steve
  8. Now that there is a means of exporting log files to csv, I have been trying out my device (with firmware 1.3.0). There are some issues that I think still need to be resolved. 1. Advanced tab - "profile": if I store a profile and then restore it later, the settings for the DC power supply are not re-loaded. I am using the DC power supply to power a sensor, so it would be nice for the power setting to be reloaded when I load the saved profile. It also does not load any scaling applied to the analogue channels. 2. Advanced tab - "Log On Boot": This option lets the logger automatically start logging when it reboots. The issue I have is related to the one above - I am powering a sensor with the DC supply, so on reboot, the DC power setting should get restored, but it does not, so the sensor is not powered-up on re-boot. Can we make the power be re-applied on reboot also? 3. Advanced tab - loading profiles. I've saved two profiles. However only one appears in the profile drop-down list menu. I know both are saved because if I go to the "file explorer" button, I can see them stored under the "flash" folder. At one time I could see them both but now I only see one - even after re-booting the openlogger and re-connecting. 4. Scaling: I am scaling my sensor signal by a factor of 50 to convert from Volts to m. I have my sensor connected to Channel 5. The graph always displays "Ch 1" and gives units in "mV" despite the scaling and units I've entered. It should display my channel number correctly and the correct units, but it does not. I can see my signal in the top buffer display, but not on the main chart. 5. Waveform display: Attached is a screenshot showing streaming of channel 5 (without any scaling). Display shows Ch1 (even though channel 1 is not even active). The graph y-scaling seems to be 5mV/div even though for channel 5 it is set to 500mV/div. The true waveform signal is around 723mV, yet the graph axis indicates its about 7mV. 6. I noticed another issue: If I'm logging in log-on-boot mode, and I start waveformslive, when I it launches I can see the data streaming - fine. If I then stop the logging from waveformslive, and go to download, I get error messages and the download fails. I can then not restart logging. So it looks like when in log-on-boot mode, you should use the prog button on the device to stop logging, not waveformslive. Is anyone else seeing the same issues? Could these please be addressed in future firmware releases?
  9. Hi I've updated my openlogger with latest firmware (1.3.0). A problem that I noticed with previous firmware and which is still present, is that the scaling option will only let you enter one character for your units. There are many units that need more than 1 character, eg mm, Pa, dB, dBA etc so it would be nice to be able to enter more than one character. Once you hit enter you get an "invalid units" message. Is there a trick that I am missing?
  10. @Raghunathan I can't solve your problem, but I can tell you that with my Android phone I have been able to connect wirelessly to OpenLogger and start/stop logging to SD card, with and without streaming. (I powerd my logger with a battery, so it was not connected to my PC). Once I start logging, I can disconnect the session, eg by switching off the hot-spot on my phone, and then reconnect again later (even the next day). It always takes a while to re-connect (and the blue light to come on), but I've always been able to do so. On my phone, I navigate to the waveformslive web page, I don't use the waveforms live android app - the app does not work. I think its quite impressive!
  11. Many thanks, for the first time I can access the data I've logged! 😂😀 1 = did not work by itself, 2 = did not work by itself, 3 = once this is done then 1 works. (did not try 2) The .csv files that are created look like this: (timestamp in seconds in first column, then data in next columns, in my case in units of Volts) Log Completed Normally 0.00000, 1.74300, 1.63200, 2.03800 0.01000, 1.72400, 1.62700, 2.03000 0.02000, 1.73900, 1.63600, 2.02500 There is no information like a timestamp to give date\time that logging started - could that be added?
  12. Hi Andrew Many thanks for this, I've been looking forward to this for a long time! However I'm still not smart enough to get it to work I've downloaded the executable and tried to run it by first opening a windows7 command window by typing "cmd". When that brings up a command window, I change directory to where the executable and my OpenLogger .log files are stored and type: dlog-utils-v2.2.0.exe inputfile.log outputfile.csv and the response I get is "dlog-utils-v2.2.0.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" The readme on the repository says: Run an example (Windows): ./examples/build/main.exe log.dlog log
  13. Thanks for that, glad to see there is some progress coming at last! But you don't make it easy for us novices! If there is an executable why can't I just download it, rather than have to go through this github stuff Could you provide some instructions-for-complete-dummies to help me ? It starts off by saying "Clone this repository" and it gives the command below which looks like a linux command to me. git clone So If I'm running windows, what do I do? regards Steve (github-dummy)