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  1. Well, I have to retract what I said - @JColvin you were correct - it looks like I had the screw terminal shifted across by one pin, so it was not correctly mounted! Problem solved. Not sure how I missed that the first time!
  2. Thanks for your reply. Whilst I appreciate that noise will mean you can't really realize 16bit resolution, the ADC is still going to pump out readings to a resolution of 0.3mV and that resolution could have been preserved for the file export. I would have preferred it if I could see the real numbers, not have them artificially limited by the file-export resolution of 1mV. I hoped it might be possible to simply change the export format specifiers to produce an output write resolution of 0.1mV...
  3. Yes, the screw terminal is connected as ist should be - directly over the main board.
  4. I am using 0.1691.0. Instead of using the wires, I used the screw terminal adaptor. I was measuring between the DCOUT1 and GND terminal and between the DCOUT2 and GND terminals. If I pull off the screw terminal adapter and use the Red and Green DCOUT wires instead, then I get the correct measurements. So it looks to me like screw terminal adaptor is faulty. Can you check your screw terminal adaptor? Mine says rev B on it.
  5. As you can tell from, my spate of messages, I'm playing with my OpenLogger - discovered this problem today: I wanted to use one of the two DC power supplies. I set DCOUT1 to 1V and measured on the board with a multimeter. Nothing. Turned it off and set DCOUT2 to 1V and measured. Nothing. Left DCOUT2 set to 1V and measured on DCOUT1 and yes, 1V is there, but it shouldn't be So, DCOUT1 on the interface is not working at all. DCOUT2 on the interface incorrectly directs output to DCOUT1 on the hardware.
  6. As far as I can see its still coming. Somewhere in April. Have a look at the updates here
  7. Thanks for your reply, herewith further explanation: 1. My selection of mV was a bad example! I just want to multiply the ADC volts by say 1000 and lets say I want my units to be Pa. The issue is that if I enter "Pa" into the units box, it fails. If I enter ANY 2-letter code into the units box it fails - "invalid units". If I enter a single letter it accept it. See screenshot below: 2. I'm using Firefox. I will try another browser to see it makes any difference. Whats the recommended browser? With regard profiles, if I go to the file browser I can see the name of my profile stored there under flash. But I have no way of loading it. It does not appear in the profile drop-down box.
  8. I've noticed some problems with openlogger and waveforms live: 1. If I try to enter a equation into the analogue channel scaling popup, I cannot enter "mV" for the units. It looks like entry is restricted to a single letter only. That is a bit limiting. Furthermore any scaling equations I enter there don't seem to be saved, so I can't reload them next time I start waveforms live 2. Under the Advanced section, if I save the profile its not there the next time I run waveforms live. Where is it saved to, and how do I retrieve a stored profile?
  9. I tried scaling by 1000, but it still comes back with 1mV resolution, so its effectively less than 15bits resolution :(
  10. I'm looking at the .csv file captured using OpenLogger and Waveformslive and the output looks something like this: The analogue input range is +/-10V or 20,000mV so with a 16bit ADC we should have a resolution of about 0.3mV or 0.0003V. Why is the export limited to 1mV resolution? Can the export be updated to provide more decimal places so that the 0.3mV resolution is available? Thanks