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  1. Apparently not. Looks like the OpenLogger is half-developed and then abandoned. And the development team are no longer responding to to questions. Not a good look for Digilent imo. The Crowd Supply project page has the following people which I assume worked on the project - are any of them listening in and could shed some light perhaps? Keith Vogel, Hardware/Firmware Engineer Sam Kristoff, Software Engineer Andrew Holzer, Software Engineer Kaitlyn Franz, Alyssa Holzer, James Colvin
  2. Thanks for trying to help me! Unfortunately I'm just a dumb end-user of the openlogger, not a software developer, so most of your advice has gone over my head! Not to say I am not going to try it out - I do have Ubuntu on my computer, so I'll have a crack. I'm hoping @digilent will come to the party and provide openlogger buyers with something that lets us get to our logged data without us having to learn how to handle snakes, or to learn the difference between batch and shell scripts 😁...
  3. So, I was able to connect to openlogger using a hotspot on my phone, and streaming and logging worked. However, the subtlety is that I had to use a browser on my phone, not the Android Waveformslive app. I was trying all these things using the app and getting nowhere - obviously the app must not yet be developed for openlogger? Using a browser on the phone is not ideal - not enough space to see everything!
  4. @benl: thanks for posting, appreciate your help. It looks to me like I need to be running Linux to do this? I downloaded python 3.7.3 for Windows but it does not respond to commands like "git clone ..." or "python3 -m venv .venv"
  5. @benl thanks for your message. Python/KaiTai/JSON are things I know nothing about at the moment! I'll have a go at getting up to speed. @Digilent - its a bit ridiculous that Digilent seem to be happy to produce a logger that creates files that can't be read without 3rd party intervention!
  6. I am rather frustrated by this too! I can capture data and store it on the SD card but what good is that if I cant view it and export so I can analyse it? Its about as useful as a black hole
  7. Thanks for your answer to my first question - I shall try it. Did you have any suggestions for my second question? thanks again, Steve
  8. So once I've logged a file to an SD card, how do I get hold of the data? I can download the file to my computer but I can't read it as its in some unknown binary format and I can't export it to something like and ascii text or .csv file. Am I missing something here? or have I got a logger that can capture data but the data can't be displayed, viewed or otherwise accessed?
  9. @Peggy - did you manage to write some matlab code to read the .log files? If you have, would you share it with me? regards Steve
  10. Two questions: 1. Supposing I want to use my logger somewhere without a wireless network - is there a way I can have a direct wi-fi connection between my phone and the openlogger? 2. At the moment I can connect to my openlogger through the usb or through wifi, from Waveforms live on my desktop computer. I seem to be able to connect to it from my mobile phone, but I can't launch the instrument panel from teh mobile phone - a "connecting to device" message flashes up on the phone and then nothing happens. Any idea why?
  11. Well, I have to retract what I said - @JColvin you were correct - it looks like I had the screw terminal shifted across by one pin, so it was not correctly mounted! Problem solved. Not sure how I missed that the first time!
  12. Thanks for your reply. Whilst I appreciate that noise will mean you can't really realize 16bit resolution, the ADC is still going to pump out readings to a resolution of 0.3mV and that resolution could have been preserved for the file export. I would have preferred it if I could see the real numbers, not have them artificially limited by the file-export resolution of 1mV. I hoped it might be possible to simply change the export format specifiers to produce an output write resolution of 0.1mV...
  13. Yes, the screw terminal is connected as ist should be - directly over the main board.
  14. I am using 0.1691.0. Instead of using the wires, I used the screw terminal adaptor. I was measuring between the DCOUT1 and GND terminal and between the DCOUT2 and GND terminals. If I pull off the screw terminal adapter and use the Red and Green DCOUT wires instead, then I get the correct measurements. So it looks to me like screw terminal adaptor is faulty. Can you check your screw terminal adaptor? Mine says rev B on it.
  15. As you can tell from, my spate of messages, I'm playing with my OpenLogger - discovered this problem today: I wanted to use one of the two DC power supplies. I set DCOUT1 to 1V and measured on the board with a multimeter. Nothing. Turned it off and set DCOUT2 to 1V and measured. Nothing. Left DCOUT2 set to 1V and measured on DCOUT1 and yes, 1V is there, but it shouldn't be So, DCOUT1 on the interface is not working at all. DCOUT2 on the interface incorrectly directs output to DCOUT1 on the hardware.