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  1. Dejdys

    Sample mode

    Hi JColvin, I didn't expect the existence of this VI. Rather, I want to know how the function is called in the dwf.dll library. I think Waveforms software uses this library too. I would like to create my own VI for changing Sample Mode value. Thanks for your answer Dejdys
  2. Dejdys

    Sample mode

    Hello, I need to change settings of Sample Mode to Averaging in LabVIEW. Is there any way to do it? Thanks for your answers Dejdys
  3. Thank you for answer. But I am using sample rate 8k in LabVIEW and Waveforms has 8k automaticaly on base 100 ms. Sample rate is the same in both applications. AD2.jpg
  4. Hello, I've created a VI that captures analog data from one channel on the AD2. AD2 has an optical sensing system connected to the input. I can successfully collect data, but for some reason, the noise values of the original WaveForms software and LabVIEW do not fit. There are noise level up to 2 mV in WaveForms and up to 4 mV in LabVIEW. Does somebody know what causes it? Does AD2 use any special software filter? The pictures of waveforms are in the attachment. Thank you very much for your answers Petr