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  1. Any updates on this? (@jpeyron) Kg, Kris
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    Digital Twin

    @jpeyron Thank you! Hi @Ciprian, Thanks for the advice about the visuals. I hope to make some substantial progression the coming weeks and show some pictures. About Matlab, on the top of your head, are you convinced about Matlab's integrability with a Zybo over USB/UART. Serials data should consist of basic digital ones and zeros (I will probably define some protocol overhead in order to reduce datastream complexity). Ps: I have previous experience with (Zybo z7-10) driving a small display (472*282), while simultaneously processing touchscreen input and running algorithms in the back that define logic. Another project I worked on during my master's degree consisted of designing a robust PID controller for a hard drive. This is probably basic stuff for most of you, but just so you know my capability concerning VHDL/FPGA. Thanks in advance, Kg
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    Digital Twin

    Hey, For a quite challenging project I am planning on using a zybo z7-20 to drive immersive visuals on a HDMI display (probably this monitor Lenovo L27i-28). Simultaneously I would want to collect sensor data through digital pins (digital signals are provided by an external uP) and also interface with matlab (used for speech recognition) via USB. My question thus is: Is this baby powerful enough to deal with all this load? Kg, Kris