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  1. Gourav

    pmod wifi

    i have start doing one project on video processing through zybo board and in that i have to take data from hdmi port and send through pmod wifi to another side having pmod wifi as receiver ,it will receive that data and show on projector. but that data from axi-4 stream to video out i have to connect it to pmod wifi ,but i dont know how to connect, is their anyway to make their interface. i have completed video stream part by watching zybo video workshop and i have tested both pmod wifi as tcp server and tcp client. but dont know to connect them both in video pipeline .i have attach that image below pls provide some solution or any other guidence.how to proceed
  2. Gourav

    zybo hdmi to vga out

    Hello to all, i have start working on video processing through zybo board,so for that i have gone to digilent zybo video workshop file, its link is provided below http://web-pcm.cnfm.fr/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Workbook-Digilent_ZYBO_Video_Workshop.pdf i gone through all steps carefully make all connection as shown in file but still nothing show Changes i have done in ip clocking wizard ip : sys_clock take 125mhz freq and set to mmcm at 200 mhz output dvi2rgb1v_7 ip : preferred resolution 1280*720 and other option as guided in file and other ip changes as provided in file Regarding error: their is no error or any critical warning is shown in vivado 2016.2 version bur still nothing shows,even though i have provided external power supply 5v to it and change jumper to its specific part edge detetion works fine and show rover output so i imported it in design and the complete design image i add in attachment.( i have twice check the hdmi cable ,vga projector and lp output all works fine) i have attach xdc file and desing image i m using zybo board having specific xc7z010clg400-1 part pls provide some solution or any other help ASAP Zybo_B.xdc