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  1. XSCT terminal in xilinx sdk has tcl command mwr(address,data)/mrd(address) which is transmitted over onboard jtag interface. (we are using VCU 118) later we are targeting a synopsis based IP. we bought the JTAG HS-2 in order to prepare our selves for the chip bring up. In the API we already learned and executed samples being able to go into IR and DR state using DjtgPutTmsTdiBits, DjtgPutTmsBits commands. We are missing the part of how to create mwr/mrd commands from IR DR elements. Can someone help providing some more reading material, samples which will help us to have some progress ? we are not sure if we will be able to read registers from xilinx fpga board, will the same code will work on synopsis based chip eventually ? my question is actually is this a generic protocol or each vendor has its own protocol over jtag ? I realize I have some misunderstanding ( being newbie in jtag implementation) hope my questions are clear enough. Thanks, Roy