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  1. Hi @jpeyron, 3) First I tried the Demo without the ferrite choke and afterwards with the ferrite choke and get same results. 4) Normally i´m using JTAG Mode to configure the Zedboard, additionally i tested the QSPI Mode to programm my Device but in both cases the screen goes black after a while. 5) To Power the Zedboard i´m using this Power Supply: Today i noticed if i reinitialise the MTDS if the screen goes black by calling mydisp.begin(), the screen goes right back on and works like expected. (To initialize the Display multiple times i had to modify the mydisp.begin() function, because the value of fInitialized stays true after the first initialization) Here is my Block Design in Vivado 2018.3 Physical Setup:
  2. Hi @jpeyron I created a custom application, in which i use the PmodMTDS_v1_0 library to load Bitmaps from the micro SD card onto the display. The other parts of my project still works as expected, even when the display screen goes dark. Today i also tested the display with the Demo "" and still get the same effect. (Works fine for 10-15 min, before the screen goes dark) Are there any known issues of the MTDS, that may explain why the display screen goes dark after a while? thank you for your help, Maurice P.s Additionally I installed a ferrite choke around the connection cable between the display and the Zedboard to minimize the interferences of high frequency noises.
  3. Hello, i´m currently working on a project using the Digilent Zedboard in combination with the Pmod MTDS Display. The Display goes through different Bitmap-Images, which are stored on the micro SD-Card of the MTDS. After a while the Display shows a black screen, but the Backlight and Touch Functions are still working. This seems to happen randomly with no correlation to the amount of shown Images or time passed. Hope someone can help me on that :) Regards MSchleeh