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  1. Got my OpenLogger over the weekend. Was excited to hook it up and get it working at the office on Monday. Issue 1: No labeling for pinouts on the header. Ok hit the crowd supply project page. Nope, not there. Google around a bit. go to the forum. Oh found this sheet with the OpenLogger landing page.. must be there.. ahh crap I MUST register?? Not exactly OPEN is it? If you are a new user to digilent, you better bookmark the page after you register, because EVERY <moderated> time you go to the landing page you will have to register again. WHAT?!?!? issue 2 : (I guess my fault) I totally missed in the instructions that you have to install the agent software. hit the url over and over and kept getting the same errors described here: After much frustration, I found an old link mentioning the need to install the agent. Ah-HA!! hey digilent customer service. Here is a tip. If people keep insisting they are getting the error, but you keep insisting it "works on all of our computers, I cant imagine what your issue is!" perhaps first kindly ask "did you install this software first?" and send the link. Likely save a lot of frustration. issue 3: Of off to get that agent software OH GOD I HAVE TO REGISTER on ANOTHER form. Seriously?! And if i forget to save this file for future use, and install on another machine, Ill have the joy of registering AGAIN. issue 4: Ok I want to complain. Enough is enough. This is a bit insane. I mean, you dont even give the option to UNCHECK the automatic subscribe to your promotional mail services. I dont want them. I dont want to give you all my info. I just want to use the product and get on with my work. Why are you making this so <moderated> hard for an "OPEN" device?!?! But you guessed it : If you want to complain, you will have to register YET A THIRD TIME!!!