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  1. @jpeyron Actually i have implemented UART and also able to send packet received via Ethernet serially to PC. Now one thing is i can add bluetooth module and have the job done. But in actually i want to send BLE packet i.e 47-bytes with 20 byte payload. So i don't really have an idea how should i start. Secondly i do n't want to involve Microblaze etc. What i have still done is 1. FPGA to FPGA ethernet communication using verilog 2. I send one fpga packet to PC serially via uart for just confirmation 3. Later i also have done 2 FPGA network with switch and can also
  2. I am working on bluetooth low energy and want to implement complete protocol stack in verilog and want to pair two fpgas usig this ble module. I have implemented serially via UART but bit confused how packet processing can be done on BLE. Any lead will be highly appreciated.
  3. jpeyron I dont want to involve Microblaze. The Ethernet Tx engine is purely designed in Verilog. So is there anyway to store receive packet from other FPGA board without using Microblaze Processor.
  4. I am working on ethernet communication with Nexys 4 (i.e. Artix 7) . I have perfectly tested Eth_tx and can also see data on wire-shark. I am not able to monitor data receiving from PC to FPGA board. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated .
  5. @[email protected] i am also trying to implement ethernet communication btw fpga and PC on nexys 3 board but did n't get link established between fpga and pc .