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  1. opethmc

    DMC60c CAN Bus

    I am looking at the DMC60c CAN protocol guide and also the software API reference manual. What are the API numbers needed in the CAN message to communicate with the DMC60c. For example if I wanted to send a voltage command using the function driveVoltage, what should go in the API field (Byte 1) of the message identifier? Thanks, matt
  2. Hi @JColvin thanks for the insight. I have just tried this on a DMC60c and I see the same issue. It does not seem to happen with a regular frequency, sort of random. I should have noted 12V supply rather than +/- 12V. I confirmed that I am supplying 12V with reference to 0V. Does the engineer think that powering from a battery will fix this issue? Cheers, matt
  3. Hi @JColvin, thanks I appreciate the help. Cheers, matt
  4. Hi @JColvin I will attach a photo of my setup as soon as I get to the office tomorrow. I have a +/- 12V supply connected to the DMC60, and the output of the DMC60 directly connected to a 12V 360W brushed DC motor. For the PWM input to the DMC60 I am using a 4ms period and keeping the duty cycle between 1ms and 2ms as described in the manual. Everything looks fine until around a 90% duty cycle you start seeing incorrect pulsing as I show in the above figure. Once I get close to 2ms (or 1ms) on the DMC60 , eg full positive or full negative, it trips the supply as shown above. Appreciate any help! Cheers, matt @JColvin attached image here of my setup.
  5. Close full duty cycle (93% in attached images) the DMC60 pulses through zero to -12V and upon trying to recover causes an over voltage failure on the power supply. This happens unloaded and with a small load of 4Amps. Anyone else have this issue? Cheers, matt The onset of this behavior can be seen as you increase the duty cycle you get an occasional incorrect extra pulse as shown in the following figure