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  1. Yes, you are right @kwilber Now there is no problem through Xilinx SDK
  2. I am sorry but I still couldn't solve the problem. How is it possible through Vivado?
  3. Hello Dear @jpeyron I have the similar problem. In the first time when I connected PCAM and HDMI connector between board and monitor, I got the moving set of colors like the above. But, it disappeared suddenly I dont know why. Now, I cannot establish the serial communication with Zybo Z7 through Tera Term. You can see the screenshot attached. In the board, I set it to JTAG and the board is connected to PC via Micro USB cable correctly. Please help..
  4. Thank you very much dear @zygot and @JColvin for your valuable recommendations.
  5. Hi Dear Sirs, I will start to work with Zybo Z7 Development Board. But, I couldn't find any explanations about ESD & Safety protections and warnings for the board in the reference manual. Could you please provide it to me if there is anything special to protect the board from ESD? Because I don't wanna break the board when touching it. Thank you..
  6. Thank you very much dear kwilber and jpeyron. I've solved the issue by installing the board files. Could you please tell me the main difference between free webpack version and design suite version with cost? According to the table attached, there is no difference between them..
  7. Hello Mr. JColvin. I have a question about Vivado Webpack - free version. I have downloaded Vivado Webpack version, I have seen that this free version does not include Zybo Z7-20 board. You can see it in the screenshot attached. But, in the Zybo Z7 Board Reference Manual ( ) it is written as "The Zybo Z7 is supported under Vivado's free WebPACKâ„¢ license, which means the software is completely free to use". Could you please help me why I don't have this board in my Webpack version?