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  1. Thanks @jpeyron, I've read the articles you pointed but sadly they don't cover how to set the power supplies from Matlab. The reason why I'm trying to do that is because I have a huge piece of code in Matlab which uses the ADCs and does some post-processing. The only thing I couldn't do was to set the power supply to replace an external source (Although I'm capable of using the scopes and the power supply simultaneously in Waveforms). Any hint on this will be highly valued.
  2. Hi, I'am currently using my AD2 in Matlab 2018b and altough I'm capable of using some functionalities (the ADCs, for ex), I couldn't find a way of setting the power supply. Which, by the way, is doable in Waveforms. Does anyone know how can I set the DC power supply from Matlab? Thank you in advance for your time!