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  1. Hi @attila That will do the job. Thanks for the help, just needed to set patterns up correctly
  2. Hi, Thanks for the response, how do I generate an output pulse after the first Digital discovery has triggered, which I can feed into the second digital discovery to synchronise the data in my two waveforms instances? Best Regards, Dean
  3. Hi all, I have recently bought 2 digital discoveries to go with an existing Analog Discovery 1, and Analog discovery 2. I would also like to use the 2 digitals as a standalone pair with no analog in the system. The store webpage for the discovery mentions trigger in and out signals for linking devices. This is one of the reasons I purchased them as I currently need >32 channels. I can't see these signal in the pinout anywhere, and nothing in waveforms about this feature. I have tried to generate a pulse on one of the digital IOs using the pa