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  1. Aha! Understod! Thank You a lot!
  2. Hi @attila Yes, it works! Export-Import super useful feature missed somehow ! But my question remains, how it possible to setup manually custom pattern with specific timings?
  3. Hello @attila, many thanks for you reply! Spent half day figure out how to do that, without success I clearly understand, how to make sequental pulses (clock) with predefined pulsewidth. But how exactly to make custom pulse sequence/pattern (see pict attached) with predefined timing like captured? Maybe it is not even possible? Or maybe somehow i can use logic capture to preconfigure pattern generator? (probably in my dreams, huh ) Using Digital Discovery, not Analog Discovery...
  4. Hello! Is there are any possibility to set pulse width for pattern? For example, i need to simulate 1kHz bus with 1us pulse width. See picture attached. Any tutorial about that? Sorry, i'm newbie here. Thanks in advance!