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  1. There seems to be some alternative facts about the OpenLogger communications via wireless. The "start" page for the OpenLogger describes a procedure for setting up the wireless. However, there is a post in this forum with a response that effectively says not supported now, maybe next release. Could you create a FAQ that makes this more obvious and provide an estimate for when you expect this feature to be done. This is the primary reason I bought the device.
  2. I have had my OpenLogger for about a week and have been able to run the Agent and update the firmware. I have been able to stream data to RAM which is moderately useful, but I would really like to record analog data to the SD card. It looks like there should be a drop down list near the "Log to" under the Stream section. If this is documented somewhere, can you please point me to it. Also, does the SD card have to be prepared (formatted, initialized, etc.) prior to logging to it?