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  1. TireV

    Cmod S6 - Multilayer?

    Hey @zygot, first of all, Thank you for this detailed answer! I'm aware of the thermal aspects in electronics in general, but the fact that FPGA-timing is temperature depending was useful! In addition to thermal issues, I'm interested in EMC, so that's why I was asking about the stack-up and common groundplate. A huge copper plate will likely cause much more Trouble under external Radiation than just single ground lines. On the other side it's a bigger heat sink for distributing thermal gradients equal. The amount of Connections (balls) is obvious, but unfortunately I didn't chec
  2. TireV

    Cmod S6 - Multilayer?

    Hello all together, I'm working on a CmodS6 board for my university course right now. It'd be helpful to now something about the layer design of the Board. I assume it's a multilayer PCB, so at least 1 layer between front and back side, but can anyone tell me something more about it? e.g. common ground plate yes/no? Hope these information are not somehow confidential or protected, then never mind my question :) Thanks for any input!