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  1. Thanks. I have been through the documentation an the SRAM to DDR Component several times, and even tried using the top module that was posted in the forum. It gave exactly the same results as my own code. I will be using a NEXYS A7, but I am just trying to get everything working in simulation right now. I looked at the microblaze link you provided, but it did no good. Does the SRAM to DDR Component even supposed to work in simulation, or is it something that only works on the hardware?
  2. Hi, I am trying to run the SRAM to DDR component in simulation. I set up a Vivado project and imported the SRAM to DDR component. Then set up a clock for simulation, then wrote a simple testbench. I have been trying everything I can think of for several hours, but I must be missing something. I'm getting a couple of warnings, but they don't seem related. I'm at a loss. Here is a link to my project: RAM4.zip Thanks in advance!