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  1. I need to sample the serial output of an ADC. The data of the ADC is provided with 300MHz. Since a lot of data has to be captured, the acquisition time is approx. 14ms. Can I use the Logic-instrument of the DD and have the data saved to a file for later processing?. I have tried some setups (800MHz), however I only get 32k samples, yielding a 1.5MHz sample rate (wich is way too slow). Thanks for any advice Mark
  2. Hi, I'm Mark and I started a few days ago with a Digtial Discovery. I want to use it in our lab as a quick test signal generator for ASICs. Mostly these are driven by SPI, but need also some timing signals. Currently I'm working on a video ASIC which has a quite complex setup and generates a lot of data. My goal is to capture the video data and store it for further signal processing in a math program (Matlab or Mathematica).
  3. Hi, I want to use the DD to test an ASIC which needs quite some complicated digital control. First the ASIC needs to be initialized with several SPI commands. Once the device is configured a test sequence (4 digital control lines) will trigger the ASIC and thereby acquire measurement data. At last this data need to read out. I was wondering, if I could use the patterns which are generated by our (VHDL) simulator as input to the DD. Is there a script which can read the vcd-files and Importes them to WaveForms? As I am quite new to this field, I do not have any expierence with J