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  1. Thanks a lot JColvin for your help. But the issue still exists. I have put the divide value as 4 (Considering the sampling to be at 1MHz as you suggested) but still its not giving any output. Could you help me out ?
  2. I am building an audio processor with effects in my final year project using Spartan 6 and there is a problem i am facing. Since my project guide has left my institute , I am facing a few difficulties of which this is one of them. The following is the code for audio playback . When i use it without the clock divider (On board clock of 4 MHz) process i am able to hear the audio . When i change the ADC Clock (Clock Divider from 4 MHz to 44.1 KHz ) i am unable to hear anything . Why is it so. The test bench shows that the ADC clock is divided to 44.1 KHz but its not giving an on board output.
  3. I want to build an Audio Processor using Diligent Atlys. I want to know whether is it practically realizable??? I don't have dedicated faculty in my college due to which i will require help . Has anyone done it in the past so that he or she could help me or guide me if i could get stuck???