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  1. elizegi

    Change ZyBo Z7 FT2232 configuration

    Problem solved, thanks!
  2. elizegi

    How to restore FT2232 EEPROM back to factory settings?

    Hi, I have a Zybo Z7-10 board and Vivado is not detecting it after flashing the FTDI chip. Could you help me solving this? Thanks
  3. elizegi

    Change ZyBo Z7 FT2232 configuration

    Hi, I'm developing a design for the ZyBo and I'm using JTAG to communicate a PC with a microblaze. I'm using the onboard FT2232HQ to achieve this, but it is configured as UART -> Virtual COM Port and 245 FIFO -> D2XX Direct, so I can't see the JTAG connection as a COM port in the PC (which is what I need). I know that this can be changed using FT Prog, but I've seen that a lot of people had problems connecting the board with Vivado after changing the FT2232 configuration. Is it safe to make changes in the FT2232 configuration? Thanks, Xabier