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  1. I have done so much a things but not getting output. If you know where i am going wrong please let me know , else let it be.
  2. hello @zygot, Can you please send me the some code for communication between 2 boards rather than sending data from fpga to PC and vice versa in one system only?
  3. hello @zygot, I have checked everything in my code. Everything is correct. But i am not getting output on rx pin. What should i do now? How can i debug the code from now?
  4. Hello @zygot, I have done the same thing i.e routing uart0 of zynq PS through pmod pins (tx,rx,and gnd). Transmitter system :- I am using zc706 boards and want to do communication between them using uart0 of zynq PS. As shown in snapshot, i have taken tx and rx pin of uart0 of system 1 and assigned it to pmod pins (aj21 and ak21) . I ran the simple code of hello world. Instead of hello world i send the characters "ABC" and observed the output of tx pin on ILA as well as osciloscope. It is correct. I have attached snapshot to this post. Receiver system :- In the same i made design for receiver system just cross connected wires tx to rx and rx to tx and assigned pmod pins on board 2. But i am not getting any output on those pmod pin(rx). While running programme on receiver system, I triggered ILA for rx pin i.e whenever it receives any data on rx pin , ila wil get triggered and we wil see the output. But ILA is not at all triggered. ILA clock- 50 MHz (fclok_out0) form zynq ps. 1. what must be the issue?
  5. Hello all, Some data will be generated in PS of one Board and it has to be transferred to PS as well as Pl of other board. It will be approx. of 10 to 20 bytes. Since the ethernet interface we are already using in this for other data transfer, i need to have some other method (like uart).
  6. Hello sir, I want to do board to board (ZC706 to Zc706 FPGA) communication through PMOD USBUART board. I have read some stuff available on internet but not getting exact method how to do the same. will you please help me? 1. Can i do communication? If yes, can you please share some code or material related to that so that it will help me. Thanks. Niranjan Nimgaonkar