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  1. i performed following steps : #1 i connected my CPLD Starter Board rev2 to an old winXP pc #2 i programmed the rev3 .jed file from (CR-II Demo.zip) with digilent ExPort #3 the CPLD Starter Board rev2 is working fine with this new rev3 .jed file, the 7-segment display is running fine -> i connected the board to the win7 pc again, the same problem, i can not program the cpld with digilent adept, -> i think the cpld is working correct thank you.
  2. i connected my CPLD Starter Board rev2 to an old winXP pc, it is working fine, i can program the cpld with digilent ExPort, -> i can try to program the rev3 .jed file from https://www.digilentinc.com/Data/Products/CR2-STARTER/CR-II Demo.zip
  3. Hello, you can find the schematic on the cpld starter kit (rev.2) CD -> (CD-ROM) D:\documentation\CR-II_sch.pdf i downloaded and installed Adept 2.16.1 System, 32/64-bit Windows (digilent.adept.system_v2.16.1.exe) -> adept says : Warning: Could not find specific board information (please see screenshot attached) best regards
  4. hello, the small silkscreen near the label says : Rev.D , i tested iMPACT 14.7, it is not working, the jtag chain can not be initialized, i checked starter-kit schematic between rev.2 and rev.3 again, there is only this atmel between PC-USB-Port and CPLD-JTAG -> i think there is only the atmel firmware changed, thank you, best regards
  5. hello, on the bottom side of the board, there is a silkscreen : Revision 2.0, there is a label : Dnnnnnn (n=6 digits maybe a SN) -> what is the difference between Rev. D and Rev. F ? (maybe the atmel FW) thank you best regards
  6. Hello, my os is win7-32bit, #1 i installed xilinx ise 14.7 #2 i installed digilent ExPort from the cpld starter kit (rev.2) CD after starting ExPort i can initialize jtag chain, but when i try to program the the .jed file to cpld, an error occurs - map file missing ( maybe this is a known problem, https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/316-coolrunner-ii-cpld-starter-kit-rev20/ ) thank you, best regards
  7. hello, my CPLD Starter Board rev2 is not working on Win7, i like to update the Atmel Firmware AT90USB162 on my CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Board rev2 (PN SK-CRII-L-G), -> can you send me the Atmel Firmware AT90USB162 used on CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Board rev3 (PN 410-146P-KIT) ? (i checked, AVRISP mkII programmer is compatible with AT90USB162) thank you, best regards