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  1. Hi, I have a similar question but before I ask it I should explain my code that is attached below. I have developed a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) algorithm on a NEXYS 4 DDR board using Vivado 2018.3. The code takes an external clock signal of 10 MHz and generates 100 MHz, 200 MHz, and 10 MHz clocks synchronous to the external clock input. The 200 MHz clock is used for DFT analysis. The generated 10 MHz clock is fed into the ADC of a signal detector which converts a captured signal into a 12 bit digital data that is in turn being read into the FPGA code through 12 digital input. The DFT algorithm calculates the amplitude of two harmonics of a desired frequency at 10 MHz rate and stores them into Ave_R1 and Ave_R2 values which are 16 bit integers. I have tested this algorithm and it works fine. (The 100 MHz clock is not being used now and I will finally omit that from the design). Now, I want to transfer the Ave_R1 and Ave_R2 values into a computer and fit an ellipse to the stored data and transfer the ellipse parameters back to the FPGA. The data should be stored at 10 MHz speed which makes it 320 Mb/s and I need to save it for about 2 seconds. Since the UART or the Ethernet port cannot transfer data at 320 Mb/s, I have to first store the data into the SDRAM and then transfer it to the PC. The ellipse parameters that should be stored back into the FPGA block RAM will be five integers of 64 bits. So the data transfer between the FPGA and the PC will happen just twice, i.e. write to PC and read ellipse values from the PC. I would like to trigger the data transfer from the FPGA to the SDRAM and then to the PC by a push button on the board. I need a signal to inform the FPGA that the ellipse parameters are transferred so that a process will use that signal to start. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me to figure this out because I have no idea about data transfer protocols and IPs. P.S. After getting this step done, I would like to store the code in the Q-SPI Flash memory of the board so that it reboots automatically. Would you please comment on this as well? Kind Regards, Mesut DFT.txt xdc.txt