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  1. i have downloaded jypreon pmod wifi project which he had done in 2017.4, when i implement that project it was showing to update ips and also some errors . How to sort them out?
  2. These are router settings I have placed are these right or wrong? Thank You.
  3. That means you are saying to set ip address to {0,0,0,0} by selecting static ip in status settings menu of the router.
  4. we are using zedboard and this the setup we have kept. And I have changed my static ip to since it was supported by our router. should also change listening port in HTTPServerConfig.h Thank you.
  5. we are using dlink router with security type :- auto (WPA or WPA2) personal. we have pluged LAN port of router to modem and another port to pc. And for internet we kept settings to manual proxy.
  6. sir, only few lines are running in tera term what to do?
  7. The zedboard mode to JTAG was not clear could be more specific because we have no idea and we are new to this project.
  8. kavya@iiitn

    Pmod wifi

    1)Is this the setup for pmod WiFi on zedboard.