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  1. Libuio does the mmap and this for user-space. An example can be found here
  2. C++11 is referring to standard not compiler version. There is no C++ 6.7 standard. Please clarify your statements. When you are referring to compiler version(which compiler?) and when you are referring to standard. Probably you are looking for -std=c++11 which probably version 6.7 of your compiler has support for it.
  3. You can have multiple versions installed I was trying to find out which one you need for your project.
  4. Use UG1144 for your version of petailunx and make sure requirements in Installation Requirements section are met.
  5. Hi @SoyaOhnishi In case of petalinux you may not need two cables since fsbl or u-boot can load the bitstream into fpga ("programiming") usually done over USB-JTAG (J17). To include bitststream in boot.bin use petalinux-package command see ug1144 for your version of petalinux. You only need to connect to UART over USB (J14) to see linux console. However if you have a standalone application you need two cables one for USB-JTAG to debug or load bitstream (J17) and one to communicate with your application over UART1 (J14). If boot your application from SD and load it using a f
  6. What version for petaliunx is in .petalinux/metadata ? Try `petalinux-build -x mrproper` to do cleanup before rebuilding. Did you pull any changes from 2019.2 in meta-user or other meta-* layers? Did you made any changes to /petalinux/install/directory/ ?
  7. What are you referring to? yocto build, petalinux build or vivado build? Again what tool are you using ? yocto, petalinux, buildroot, no tool (manual), others ? My first guess is to check build logs. You are cryptic about what you are doing. I see a dog barking like a Cat that looks like a bird. I do not want the bird to be light just heavy dark. You get what I mean. Please be more specific. There are to many moving parts to follow correctly and not wrongly assume that I have understood the issue. For example: petalinux uses yocto internally there is al
  8. This one is yocto specific. And this one: In meta-xilinx/meta-xilinx-bsp/conf/machine/ you can find zybo-zynq7.conf to use as a machine/starting point Also add the hdf/xsa
  9. There is a heavy work that petalinux handles for you. If you use yocto you may have to do it manually. Going step by step should help example : enable fsbl debug in your layer then watch on serial port `meta-user` and `meta-plnx-generated` are generated by petaliunx based on VIVADO project(hdf or xsa) and some assumptions DISTRO == "petaliunx", MACHINE == "plnx-zynq" or MACHINE == "plnx-zynqmp", etc. Starting with petalinux 2020.1 things were simplified example no more `meta-plnx-generated`.
  10. what files have you placed on SD from bulid/tmp/deploy/images ? Did you build a BOOT.BIN using xilinx bootgen?
  11. Will open kernel menuconfig you can enable what configuration you need for your driver. Also include firmware for your device
  12. @mor.paul tcf-agent works over ethernet thus the board needs to be in the same network (yes via a net cable) with the host machine that is running XSDK. As stated in documentation finding IP address is done via prog port(UART). The documentation makes the assumption that the IP address is allocated by the dhcp server (the router). Did you manage to receive an IP address from the router? If yes, does testing connection in XSDK tcf-agent was successful ? Do you have other tcf-aggent connection issues? The UART prog port is used to have access without a network conne
  13. Did you connect the cable to a router or directly to your pc ?
  14. Hi, @mor.paul You say that USB1 using Putty. is working. Login using posted username and password for that debian image then run command: sudo ip a Same password as above. In the output search for a line under eth0 starting with inet CIDR_ip_address brd .... Use only the IP address in CIDR_ip_address for tcf-agent. If eth0: state is DOWN then there may be other problems. Current software has no ethernet over USB. You need to make sure you have your computer running XSDK connected in same network with the board via ethernet.
  15. What will manage access to your SDCARD? Do you realy whant to share data via SDCARD? Why not use shared memory?