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  1. Hello @JColvin, the UCF template from the GitHub Gist is exactly what I needed - thank you! For my rudimentary test setup, I just used edge detectors on what I presumed to be the control lines to show signal transitions via the LEDs. I did see the demo sources for EPP in the Adept SDK folders, however without a working UCF I didn't want to risk mis-configuring the WAIT line to drive against one of the programmer IC outputs. Thanks again! Best regards, inselcontroller
  2. Hello, I'm talking about the CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit Revision 3.0. Poking around with the Adept 2 SDK, the board reports JTAG, EPP and SPI capability. The schematic print also shows 12 I/O lines running between the on-board programmer IC and the CPLD, matching the number of EPP data and control signals (DB0-7, WRITE, ASTB, DSTB, WAIT). A sort of interface between the CPLD and the programmer IC is also hinted at in the Reference Manual, although the bus width is stated as 14 wide there. From that, I'm guessing there is a way to exchange data between the CPLD and a PC via the Adept "Digital Asynchronous Parallel Interface (DEPP)". Unfortunately, the parallel interface isn't described in more detail in the RM, and "blind" testing bears the risk of a hard short between the programmer IC and the CPLD, as the WAIT control line needs to be pulled low for the transmission to start. Is there any more information available on the pin assignments of the parallel interface? [DMGR] Version 2.8.6 [DEPP] Version 2.8.6 [DMGR] Found 1 device(s) [DMGR] Checking device 0: Cr2s2 [DMGR] "CoolRunner 2 Starter 2" [DMGR] Product ID 00900126h [DMGR] Firmware version 011Ah = 282 [DMGR] Device 0 capabilities: JTAG EPP SPI [DMGR] Device 0 opened at hif=1 [DEPP] Device 0 reporting EPP port count: 1 [DEPP] Device 0 EPP port 0 properties: 0000h [DEPP] Device 0 port 0 enabled [DEPP] Could not send data ercEppAddressTimeout: EPP timeout occured on Address stage. [DEPP] Device 0 port 0 disabled [DEPP] Device 0 hif=1 closed (EPP throws timeout, because WAIT never gets pulled low by the PLD for the handshake.) WRITE seems to be on P41@CPLD/"U-PC6". I assume DB0-7 would be "U-PD0" through "U-PD7"? Best regards, inselcontroller