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  1. Anyone care to elaborate? The comparator seems to be the best way to go, but I have no idea how to code or address it in the ucf.
  2. For my purpose, calculating the engine speed between the first and second pulse is fine without worrying about the speed change during the rotation. An encoder would also be a good idea, but then I would need to drive it with a motor that I know the exact speed of, and I don't have either of those components on hand. I have a hand written picture of how the pulses are supposed to act as a portion of a circle, but I don't have a scanner handy. I need to detect the rising edge of each pulse to start and stop a counter and index the position of the circle it is on.
  3. I need to know what locations to adress my ucf file for my nexys4 non-ddr ADC. Is there some file that tells you the adresses of everything?
  4. So, I'm going about this project where I am designing a system that would control the timing of intake and exhaust valves in internal combustion engines. I will have a signal generator give me pulses to act as the engine position sensor, and just LED's to act as valve actuator outputs. Later down the road, if I have time, I will add other features like a throttle potentiometer that could also affect timing possibly a driving mode selector, who knows. Anyway, I am having trouble figuring out how to have my board receive the signal from the signal generator. I'm thinking I could use the onboard ADC pins to detect a high or low input. It needs to be able to pick up the rising edge of each pulse from the signal generator to index a count which I am also trying to figure out. Overall, I don't think I'll have too much trouble if I can figure out how to receive the rising edge of the pulses. The attached picture is a flow chart of how I plan on going about the logic. The pulse from the signal generator will index a 16 bit count that represent 16 points on a circle which will be used to determine engine position. Abbreviations are as follows: TDC = Top dead center bit BDC = Bottom Dead Center bit C = count of clock cycles between pulses X = medium speed setpoint of clock counts Y = High speed setpoint of clock counts EO, EC, IO, IC = Exhaust and intake open and close setpoints of engine position P = Engine position I can make it as simple or complex as I want once I figure out the base design. Any input would be much appreciated!