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  1. Hi JColvin, Thank you for your input. I am thinking of using VGA to HDMI Converter from Amazon for ZYBO FPGA. What is your opinion? Thanks, Jim Soong
  2. Hi, I am new to this Digilent Forum and have questions to ask. I plan to use both HDMI sink and HDMI source at the same time for my current project. The HDMI input will connect to HD camcorder and the incoming video streams will be processed by FPGA and displayed onto either a monitor or TV through HDMI output. I read somewhere that both HDMI sink and source can only be used in bypass mode in Nexys Video FPGA board. I have 3 questions to ask 1. Can Nexys Video FPGA board be used for my project? 2. Is it enough use the Vivado free WebPACK license (in terms of IPs) for my project because the Design Edition licenses for Vivado are not yet available for purchase? 3. Do I have any other cheaper choices such as the ZYBO FPGA board? But, the ZYBO FPGA board cannot use the HDMI source and HDMI sink at the same time. Please give me your advice. Thanks, Jim Soong