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  1. Hi Jon,

    Thank you so much for helping me out! Forgive me for late reply. I was working on my final report recently. Just one more question, in "main" function in demo code. I noticed that there is a sleep(10); function which can set 10 seconds delay before generating the next output. By changing this delay, the output data rate from SDK console can also be changed. So can I ask that if the data rate we set in "mode register" is the maximum data rate that can be achieved?


  2. Hi everyone,

    I'm building a project based on arty-z7 hdmi demo to display a series continuous moving images. Basically, I made some changes to DemoInverterFrame() function and use it to load in my image. Then, I put this in a while(1) loop to make it continuous changing frames. I have attached a part of the code as attachment. Everything works fine, the only problem is that HDMI display can only refresh 8 new images per second. Can I ask that if there is any way to increase this to 50fps? Thank you!



  3. Hi everyone,

    I'm using Pmod AD5 on PYNQ Z1 board. I used the demo code and it works fine. I'm wondering if I can change the data rate of Pmod AD5? By default it is about 6 samples per second and I want to change it to about 50. I checked the AD7193 datasheet and it says the last 10 bits of mode registers control the data rate (FS[0] to FS[9]). I found a function in demo code called "AD5_WriteConfig(PmodAD5* InstancePtr)" . Can I ask that should I change values in Bytes[3] to change data rate? Since I tried some numbers in Bytes[3], it doesn't work.






    Thank you for your help


  4. Hi Jon,

    It seems that Pmod AD5 IP cores can not work with IP cores in the HDMI out. 

    I looked at other people who have similar critical warnings and they suggest to delete the original wrapper and generate a new one. I tried that and got rid of the critical warnings. However, an error occurred when generating bitstream. The errors are shown below:


    So I referred to HDMI-OUT demo's implementation design and assigned these three pins manually. Then I got another error saying about conflicting voltage: warning2.thumb.png.216e47de0cd4b7d3ac8eac26d9eb2ff1.png


    I'm wondering that does this mean these two IPs cannot be used together?


    Thank you for helping me!

  5. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for answering my question. I followed your instruction step by step, but I still get the same result. In SDK, I used the demo code. When running the program, I still get a constant value for the voltage in SDK console.

    However, if I start a new project and only use Pmod AD5 and ZYNQ processor, Pmod AD5 works fine and I can get a small changing voltage ( due to noise I think).

    I have attached the result for both. I'm confused that, in SDK, will the demo code work if ZYNQ processor is not only connected to Pmod AD5? Or do I have to make some changes to the code to make it work? Because the demo code works fine if I don't use the HDMI demo. 

    Thank you so much

    Pmodonly (2).png


  6. Hi everyone,

    I'm really new to digilent board. I'm using the PYNQ-Z1 board to do my final project. What I'm gonna build is basically an oscilloscope. I use Pmod-AD5 to measure voltage, then use HDMI OUT port on PYNQ-Z1 to display the voltage value. Because the PYNQ board has the same board files as ARTY-Z7, so my project is based on Arty Z7 HDMI Out Demo:https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/pmod-ips/start . The HDMI demo works fine.

    Then I followed this link: https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/pmod-ips/start to use Pmod. I first test the Pmod-AD5 by creating a new project with one ZYNQ processor connected to Pmod AD5 and it works fine.

    However, If I added Pmod to HDMI demo, I can only get a constant voltage value from AD5 and it doesn't change no matter what voltage I input. I have attached the critical warning as attachment. It seems like a problem with constraints. So may I ask whether if I should add Pmod constraints and how to do that?  

    I also attached the block diagrams of HDMI demo, my test for Pmod, and the HDMI demo with Pmod. Thank you so much for helping me.