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  1. Hello Jon, JP4 selection is correct that is JP4 is selected for JTAG only. I have followed instructions mentioned in tutorial. Even though same error. Regards, Prashant
  2. Hello Jp, I have not connected Ethernet port. Now I have connected and I got a problem whose screenshot is attached. Also ld9 LED is continuously blinking and ld8 is ON. SDK Log is also attached SDK Log.txt
  3. Hello Jp, I tried project as per instruction mentioned in "" path with hdmi project. But got error which is attached. Board is connected. Please let me know what to do...?
  4. where is ps file in this link...?
  5. Hello All, Purchased ARTY Z7 board. I want to compile and run any example c file. So please let me know how to process further. Basically I want to explore C related functionality of ZYNQ. Please guide me step by step. Regards, Prashant