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  1. Hi JColvin, I had some other NI sw in computer. Maybe that was the problem. I uninstalled everything and installed LV Home Bundle and DAQmx 17.6 after that. Everything is OK now and works well. I will restore the rest of the NI stuff later. Here is the thread in NI forum: Have a nice weekend, Ilkka
  2. Hi JColvin, Thanks for your reply. I will ask from NI directly if cannot manage this. I let you know the results later here. You see the situation about the bundle installation in the attached picture. It does not contain the drivers. But anyway, it is better to Download DAQmx directly from NI website. Have a nice day, Ilkka
  3. Hi, I am working with NI data acquisition devices and Visual Studio / C# at work. Now would like to play a little with LV2014 Home bundle at home.. BR, Ilkka
  4. Hi, I have tried DAQmx 14.x, 15.x, 16.x and 17.x packages. Always the same that 32 bit LV2014 application development support cannot be added. Please see the attached picture. The newest DAQmx has no more LV2014 support. If I use the LV2014 home bundle installation package the setup program cannot find the driver installation folder. BR, Ilkka
  5. Hi, I installed LV2014 (32bit) Home bundle into 64 bit Windows 10 Computer. LV was installed OK but the DAQmx drivers do not install. I have tried several DAQmx packages but no chance to install LV2014 32 bit application development support. Does LV2014 home bundle support DAQmx? I have NI data acquisition card and would like to play with it at home. BR, Ilkka