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  1. Sorry for long absents....... I would like to measure loop gain of the switching PSU and power amp (class D). I have injection transformer which is commonly used as part of loop gain injection signal. Please see https://wiki.analog.com/university/courses/electronics/electronics-lab-loop-gain. The question is why loop gain topic is not covered and how to use it for loop gain with injection transformer? is there sufficient in software to performs this task successfully? Maybe it missing loop-gain documentation in Network Analyzer. I attached a picture which I hope makes sense.... it seems the discovery has all need but no documentation.
  2. I wish to do bode plot to validate the loop-gain feedback on switching regulator (Push-Pull on UC3825). I'm thinking to buy PicoTest Injector Transformer costing $600 (is there cheaper version?). I have Analogue Discovery (not 2) with BNC board. What step I need to performs FRA with PicoTest Injector?, I can see it has Network option in Waveform and its sweep but I cannot see real application use for this type of evaluation. I can seen you have been working on AP300 unit to compare with this setup, any issue or progress. The scan range is roughly 10Hz to 1MHz. I'm very reluctance to consider CleverScope option so I very keen to get confidence based on this setup. BTW: Do I really need Analogue Discovery 2 to replace the old unit for this test?.
  3. Hi I just downloaded the Waveform and compare with Salae, It has two problem (1) No zoom for mouse wheels. This is critical feature needed for fast inspection of waveform and signals. (2) Not clear about sample rate and memory within module and Laptop memory (Salae define sample rate limited by USB transfer).; R.