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  1. Thanks Jon, I appreciate your very helpful answer and it confirmed my suspicions. Thanks again
  2. I have an Analog Discovery 2 and am using Waveforms to test circuits, measure voltage and current, model protocols such as I2C, SPI, and CAN. What would the home edition of Labview do to help me? Thanks
  3. I need to generate test data for evaluating I2C, SPI and CAN devices (only one test at a time, so multiple simultaneous patterns are not necessary). I've tried to get the Analog Discovery 2 to do that and it doesn't look like it will. I've looked at the Digital Discovery and it's not clear that it can do that either. I'm hoping I don't need a US$600+ device. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. The installer for the 64-bit Windows version of Waveforms 3.9.1 (running on Windows 10 Pro) will not allow me to select a different installation directory. I don't want to install Waveforms in that directory due to space constraints on that drive. I want to install it on another drive. How do I override the installer's default? Thanks!