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  1. Hi Zygot, I've increased the limit on each file and the total available per user. Hopefully that lasts us for a little while! Thanks, Sam
  2. I don't think i'll make it but we would love to hear what you see!
  3. Thanks for your question, I've asked our sales team to address this.
  4. Thanks for your question, I've moved your question to the correct forum
  5. Sam and I have been discussing this, I think it would be worse to have multiple threads, but calling every reply an "answer" isn't really the right thing to do. We'll let everyone know when we have a solution.
  6. Can you describe your hardware setup?
  7. On May 1st 2015 we were offline for a big update, you probably noticed the site looks very different than it did before! There was a major version update of our forum software, the upgrade went smoothly and we are excited for all the new features. Q&A Technical Forum: Our technical forum now follows a Q&A format. Users can now vote on answers and the poster or a moderator can mark which one is correct. It's also easy to see which questions don't have an answer yet, so if you have suggestions or know the correct answer, head over and help out your fellow community members.
  8. The top rated reply to the question should show up first and if the original poster or moderator marks a reply as the best answer it should show up first. I'm still testing this and it will be detailed in an announcement post about what has changed since the update.
  9. Hi Sam, I moved your post into the correct forum
  10. Great to hear! I had to google what THL is, we don't have them here in the US!
  11. logansam

    PCB MS-8217

    Digilent does not produce those, we just resell them. You might be able to find that information from Mastech http://www.p-mastech.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=194&category_id=3&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=29&vmcchk=1&Itemid=29.
  12. logansam

    Cmod S6

    I've moved the topic to the correct forum.
  13. I saw that you posted the same question in 2 other places, I have removed the others.
  14. This topic would fit better in the add-on boards section, it has been moved
  15. If you want to share your code I would suggest github. You could copy and paste it as a code block, but I assume it's a little long for that. Can I move this topic into the project vault? The technical forum is intended for support related questions. Sounds like a cool project!
  16. I just found this project using the original Nexys FPGA for a SNES emulator! Check out the whole project at http://danstrother.com/fpga-nes/
  17. logansam

    Nexys FPGA board

    From the album: Nexys FPGA SNES

  18. logansam

    Nexys FPGA SNES

    Pulled from http://danstrother.com/fpga-nes/
  19. logansam


    From the album: Nexys FPGA SNES

  20. Hi Rupert, I've hidden your address, we don't want anyones sensitive information on here. I've sent Mike the post, he should be in touch with you. I'm also going to move this topic into the Buy, Sell, Trade forum.
  21. I'll also add that on my macbook I forgot to install the FTDI drivers. My board would program once and then never again until I restarted mpide and killed the avrdude process, which has to be done manually.
  22. Thanks for catching that Sharon! That project has been updated.
  23. We went offline briefly today for some updates and to add new features! First, there is an image gallery! You can upload and share pictures of your projects, or pictures of something you have a question about for our support forum. We also have added a new forum, Buy, Sell, Trade. If you have anything you'd like to buy, sell or trade, this is the place to do it. All arrangements are made on the user's terms and is not sponsored by Digilent. If you have any suggestions about how we can make our community better, we invite your feedback in Suggestions.