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  1. Hi @JColvin, I'd be glad to have the project(s) shared with the community on Digilent's own Wiki pages. Note that I'll do my best to keep the Git repository copacetic. Thanks! Tim S.
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  2. dumbguy

    16 Bit Parallel Output read

    Dear Attila, Thanks for your kind help, yes it worked. I am now able to see the data. The next task that I want to achieve is to be able to feed the same data through my DigiLent device to my device. So I want to use the patterns functionality of the WaveForms programm. So my question is could this data now be some how fed into the WF software ? Thanks in advance for your kind feedback.
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  3. Hi @trayres, You are correct in that the LWIP doesn't readily support Realtek devices, though I do not why this decision was made on Xilinx's end. You can view a couple of threads about this error on the Xilinx forum here and here as well as a discussion on the Xilinx GitHub here where extra material to support other PHYs was offered to be added, but declined anyway. I know that Digilent did make an update to more readily support Realtek PHY's for 2019.1 as mentioned in this specific post here: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/18837-ethernet-on-genesys-2-board/?do=findComment&
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