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    Bare metal is a stand alone program that runs on the PS without an operating system and is developed and deployed though Xilinx SDK. With Linux, you run Linux on the board and write a regular Linux application using the Linux toolchain. I suggest you read up a bit on both and see which you prefer.
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    GPS Pmod

    Thanks! I will have to try downloading over the weekend! I tried generating the bit stream and also tried letting it upgrade the software...I was never able to get it to work. I even tried generating a new project using other examples.
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    The error is because the magnitude as to be one bit longer than the inputs, (as the magnitude of (0xFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFF) is 0x16A09E4, which will overflow if you put it into a 25-bit signed value. It will however fit nicely into a 25-bit unsigned value, and as it is a magnitude it will be positive. So maybe snip off the top bit in the assignment, but remember it is unsigned!
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    Using a tool for what it is meant to do is easy. Using a tool for something where it isn't suited, that is where the learning begins! (I now goes back to doing dental surgery with a steamroller, or maybe digging a tunnel with a teaspoon).
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    Project Archive in Vivado

    Hi @Antonio Fasano, Here is the xilinx recommended approach for sharing and archiving SDK that should be helpful for eliminating multiple hw platforms as well as having to use the same folder name. best regards, Jon