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    WaveForms Live Math Function Not Working

    Don't know why but the Math Function at the lower left of graph does not work and just locks up the browser. Tried 3 browsers: Firefox Developer, Chrom and Edge. All on Windows 10. It works though when I select a Simulated device. I guess I am doing something wrong. Does it work with the captured data?
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    Hi @john_joe, Typically having both the RGB2DVI and the Clocking wizard set to PLL causes a Unroutable Placement error in vivado. If vivado allows you to have both the clocking wizard and the RGB2DVI set to PLL then your project should be fine. Does the pass though work with this project? best regards, Jon
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    Hi @john_joe, Welcome to the Digilent Forums! Does the ILA error cause the generate bitstream to fail? Are you able to get the Nexys Video HDMI project working? best regards, Jon
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    ARTY A7-35 REV E.

    Hi @Djsnzheusj, The XDC for D.0 will work. We made a spin for the power supplies. Nothing in the FPGA configuration was affected by the new PCB spin. Regards, Bianca
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    Chris Burrows

    Embedded Project Oberon OS

    We have just released v7.0 of Astrobe for RISC5. The initial release supports both the Artix-7 and Spartan-7 FPGA devices as used on the Digilent Arty development boards. New hardware capabilities include Arduino shield-compatible SPI and I2C interfaces and support for up to 32 GPIO pins. See the announcement on the Astrobe forum for links to a full summary of What’s New and information on how to obtain a free copy:
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    WaveForms Live Math Function Not Working

    Hi @Bogdan50, I have asked our firmware engineer about this; I was also not able to get the math function to work with the OpenLogger. Thanks, JColvin