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    Nexys4 DDR- USB-UART Bridge (J6)

    @jpeyron Thank you very much for your cooperation
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    Nexys4 DDR- USB-UART Bridge (J6)

    Hi @shahad, In Digilent Artix-7 fpga development boards like the Nexys 4 DDR you are able to use the USB UART bridge with VHDL/Verilog. Here is the resource center for the Nexys 4 DDR. Here is a Verilog project that uses the USB UART bridge with the Nexys 4 DDR. best regards, Jon
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    OpenLogger: how to log data to the SD card

    Agreed. From what I've read on these forums, someone has written some Python code to convert the binary - but no "builtin" or official conversion exists. Not sure if it "will" be eventually offered or not. Seems a shame as just about every engineer I know would actually want to DO something with the data. We have about a dozen of the Analog Discovery 2 channel scopes and we use them this way all the time.
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    Hi @sgrobler, I guess it hasn't been updated for OpenLogger; I personally wasn't aware of an Android app for WFL in the first place. I'll ask about the plans for that, though I suspect since I don't recall hearing about it that there aren't any immediate plans to get it updated. I do agree about the phone browser not being ideal; even in landscape mode, it's difficult to see any relevant details. Thanks, JColvin
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    Hi @ahmedengr.bilal, Like I mentioned in the previous post there is no HDMI output from the Linux side, neither the embedded rootFS provided by petalinux nor the kernel configuration we give out is set to accommodate this feature. Regarding the missing media-ctl and v4l2-ctl, you have not activated the v4l-utils in the rootfs configuration of the petalinux. to do this you need to navigate to your petalinux project folder and run: petalinux-config -c rootfs Once the menu appears you need to go to Filesystem Packages->misc->v4l-utils and activate: v4l-utils, libv4l, media-ctl. Rebuild the whole project and it should be working now. -Ciprian