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    Pcam 5C hummingboard

    Hi @Maxim, Here is the PCAM 5C resource center that has the reference manual, a link to the OV5640 datasheet, schematic and a demo with the Zybo-Z7-20. We haven't not used the PCAM 5C with the Hummingboard. Here is a SolidRun forum thread that discusses using the OV5640 Module with the hummingboard that should be helpful for your project. thank you, Jon
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    QSPI Program Load is Slow

    Hi, I suspect you're using slow default options for bitstream generation. Increase the clock rate and enable bitstream compression. It should be much faster.
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    How to read from SD card on ZYBO

    hi @Notarobot, i'm sorry if I didn't make sense. The problem that I was facing was that the contents of text file (generated by MATLAB) that I was trying to read from SD card had numeric data. whenever I read the data from SD card It got converted into ASCII in read buffer, whereas I wanted decimal values in the buffer so that I can store them into memory. but if I somehow converted my textfile contents into Unicode (the format that xil_write generates in output file), PS would read them perfectly as decimal numbers. I was unable to convert my file contents into that format since data were separated by commas and the data was very big. I found the solution to my problem, I simply have MATLAB to convert the decimal number in array to Unicode and then output them to a txt file without including commas b/w values. using following command lines X_uni=native2unicode(X_deci); dlmwrite('r.txt',X_uni,'delimiter',''); Thank you for your concern.