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    PmodIA with External Clock

    Hi @Nianyu Jiang, To add onto what @jpeyron said, I took a look at the AD5933 datasheet (the embedded chip on the Pmod IA) and wasn't able to find if there is a limitation as to what the external clock rate or crystal oscillator should be. However, looking at the schematic for the Pmod IA, there are some suggested external oscillators on the page, though they are all for 16 MHz oscillators rather than a 32 kHz oscillator you are looking at, so I am not certain how the chip would respond to a much lower clock rate/oscillator frequency. Thanks, JColvin
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    How to read from SD card on ZYBO

    hi @jpeyron, I followed the guide at GitHub under Readme in PMODSD. can you please guide me step wise on how to start from block design and than going to SDK and running the demo. I have added the pmodsd and zynq PS IPs, after auto connection and running the generate bitstream I get following error. I need your guidance at this