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    Thanks. Please check gitHub again, I added a fourth folder "sharpDevelop_build" (5.1 from sourceforge). This should run out of the box, if a CMOD A7 35 is found, and no other Digilent USB interface is present. If more debugging is needed, my exception handler might get into the way. I'd comment out the try/catch. Alternatively, enable "pause on exception", as shown in the screenshot here: http://community.sharpdevelop.net/blogs/siegfried_pammer/archive/2014/08/27/customizing-quot-pause-on-handled-exceptions-quot-in-sharpdevelop-5.aspx When porting to sharpDevelop I ran into an issue with type casting and bit shifting: Running the older code on sharpDevelop will cause an overflow error. Don't know why, probably different interpretations (or versions?) of the standard. Whatever, it is fixed now by stating the problematic cast explicitly. To get rid of the relative link to top.bit (it's ugly), change this line in Program.cs bitstreamFile = @"..\..\..\busBridge3_RTL\busBridge3_RTL.runs\impl_1\top.bit"; Console.WriteLine("DEBUG: Trying to open bitstream from "+bitstreamFile); e.g. to bitstreamFile = "top.bit"; and copy top.bit into the folder where the .exe file is generated.
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    @xc6lx45 Hi, I had no issues creating a bitstream in Vivado 2018.2 using your (imported) project file. While trying to recreate your project I ran into a snag with the C# code. I have VS2010 tools so of course your project files and solutions are unusable. I did manage to use the sharpDevelop tool you suggested. The executable configured the board and then threw an unhandled exception... (Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow) but still terminated gracefully. I'm afraid that my C# skills have become rusty. I had to modify the path for the top.bit since I was running out of a different directory than you did ( I had to create a new solution project); simple enough to resolve. Let me make a few suggestions for such projects: Identify exactly what tools (versions) you use to create components Since Microsoft tools are notorious for not playing nice with other versions of itself you might want to anticipate that most users will have to do a work-around; not a complaint, just a thought. Assume that you audience might have a different development trajectory, especially for PC software, than you did when developing the project. I got too close to quit but so far haven't accomplished a verification that your project can be recreated. I know that you are interested an any feedback, as I am for any projects that I've posted. regards