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    Differences in Max32 and chipKIT Max32

    Hi @raouf, Here is a list of our distributors. cheers, Jon
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    Zedboard WiFi usage

    Hi @harika, Glad to hear you were able to get the bitstream to generate. cheers, Jon
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    Zedboard WiFi usage

    Thank u sir I got bitstream generated
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    Zebo board: one connector missing

    The JF connector is physically connected to MIO ports. These ports allows to connect such peripheral as UART and CAN to PS. Configuration of such connections is done in the processing_system7_0 block in Vivado. In my understanding they are not present in the block design because there is no easy way to utilize it with PL. It is always helpful to check the schematic diagram of the board. Hope I've answered your question.
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    Nexys Video "Feet"

    https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/0146057 https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/28783