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    Hi, In current design, i have implemented the below process using the AXI UARTLITE. 1. Counter data (Binary Counter IP) from Kintex DAQ board (Part Number : XC7k160tffg676-2) is passing to the KINTEX KC705 board through optical cable. No issue. I am able to read the data in KINTEX KC705 through AXI FIFO. Both controls and data transfer should happen over Ethernet. 2. KC705 board will pass the data From FIFO to PC through LWIP Echo server, where i can able to read the data in Hercules. Same Process should be done without using AXI UARTLITE module. Please anyone suggest me how to modify the design.
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    Hi @JColvin, I'll write a detailed article on our website during next month (with more screenshots/video). Below some more details: - OpenScopes are connected to a BeagleBone via a powered hub. On the same board there's a service that connects to the 3 scopes and exposes them via a REST API. The service basically forwards commands (Digilent Instrumentation Protocol) to the scope via USB and sends back the responses, making sure valid responses are sent/received before forwarding. The REST API also offers some control commands (e.g. check status). The idea is similar to the "Digilent Agent", but it it is multidevice and it is written all in Python. aiohttp (asyncio) is used for the server code. The firmware has been slightly adapted so that trigger from device 1 is sent to LA of device 2 and 3, the trigger from device 2 to 1 and 3, etc. This allows to configure any device analog channel as a trigger source for all devices. - The desktop application interacts with the REST API (also via aiohttp), but offering a unified experience so that the user feels there's a single device with 6 channels. It is written in Python, using PyQt/PySide for the GUI part. It offers two functionalities, the "scope view" (screenshot above) and the "recorder view" (we're still polishing the last bits of it). It also has a dark/light theme and it's multilanguage. Best regards, Gerard