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    Ack and thanks Its working, so agreed and so I figured its cosmetic. By the way, working on documenting a "Complete Arty Linux on Microblaze with all manual kernel builds and access to all hardware from Linux.". Will be useful for a lot of people and its really Jeff, Raul, yourself and others that have all contributed. I did have a lot of prior experience on Spartan6/Microblaze over 5 years ago that helped with the Kernel stuff. Thanks Laurence
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    DDR3 Usage

    Hi Blueshark, This page may also be useful https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/nexys-4-ddr-sram-to-ddr-component/start?s[]=ram2ddr This is the module that the looper demo that Jon referenced uses. (Hi Jon!) It may need some adjusting since its the arty but I'm not sure. -Sam
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    AnalogOut Triggers

    I configured my program slightly differently so I don't need to do this anymore. Thanks for checking!