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    That worked, thank you so much @yohboy and @sbobrowicz
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    FPGA based PWM generation

    Hello! I don't know much about PWM or PDM, so maybe I've misinterpreted everything but I was under the impression that the blog post wasn't intended to be the ultimate solution for everything. I don't disagree that engineering should be replicated by other people to help ensure it all works rather than accepting stuff blindly, especially if it's vital for a projects success, but it looked like D@n was looking for better audio quality rather than launching rockets... On a different note, it looks like from his main blog page that D@n was at some conference these past few days so maybe he hasn't looked at this thread in the meantime? I'm just a little confused since it seems like you were aware of this in one of your posts with the "across the pond" statement but then proceeded to reply several more times with some apparent confusion as to why he hasn't responded. Then again, I'm neither D@n nor you nor a contributor for this Forum, so I'm probably just putting words in people's mouths. Sorry if I've offended anybody. ~Natsu
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    Hi @BHAGAVATHI SUNDAR, We do not support the IntelĀ® Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor. I am not aware of anyone else adding support for the IntelĀ® Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor to the Analog Shield library. thank you, Jon
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    BASYS3 with Microblaze in Vivado 16.x

    Hi abcdef, I was able to get the microblaze "hello world" working for the Basys 3. Microblaze set to 128kb for local memory and no cache config. I needed to add a new processor system reset and change all of the wires from the rst_clk_wiz_0 100m to it. Make sure to have the reset set to active high in the clock wiz and the ext_reset_in in the processor system reset. Click into the Processor System Reset in the basic section make sure the Ext Reset Logic Level(Auto) is set to 1. I am also making a Getting started with microblaze tutorial.