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    Adding low-cost WiFi to a FPGA project.

    It could, but it might be a bit of an overkill. If you have the option, maybe use something like the the Arduino ESP8266 to reprogram the ESP8266 module to handle the bulk of the communication protocol for you (e.g connecting to the WiFi network, opening the socket and error recovery)
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    Hi Jorge, These are all very common and great questions about licensing. The Voucher that you can buy with the Basys 3 is for the Design Edition of Vivado. Just as in ISE you can get the free webpack version license for vivado, which will allow you to generate a bitstream. You can view the differences between the Design Edition and Webpack edition on this graph. The Voucher that you can buy with the Basys 3 allows you to upgrade to the latest versions for a year, and then remains static. The Voucher that comes with the Basys 3 is node locked, as is the webpack edition. This means that you can only use it on one computer. Hope this helps! Kaitlyn
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    Cannot detect Analog Discovery in OSX

    I think you are right and that the changes are a good idea. I guess you thought of this already but alternatively, perhaps you can detect what version of the library you found and keep looking if it is too old? I did not try any of my other software that might be using the other driver (I guess it could be Arduino/Energia) but I guess something will probably break if I keep it renamed My /usr/local/lib/ has both 0.1.7 and 1.2.2 and uses a symlink that points to 0.1.7. Since you say 1.2.2 should work I will do some experimenting with changing the symlink to point to that version instead in case I find issues with some other software. (Before saw your latest message I was going to ask for a strategy for running Waveforms along with other software that uses that driver..) Finally, thanks a lot for guiding me Michael! You made it really difficult for me to be mad at Digilent for having to spend two weeks just to get this up and running