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    FreeRTOS on Zybo

    Hello Everyone, This is just for reference. FreeRTOS running on the Zybo. I could not find any FreeRTOS based post on this forum so i thought this might help anyone trying to attempt the same... http://bit.ly/freertos-on-zybo
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    Cosmiac posted tutorials for using microcontroller at the beginner level. The tutorials are all hands-on. Learners need to finish a project with Tiva and Orbit Booster in each tutorial. Cosmiac also offers free classes. http://cosmiac.org/thrust-areas/academic-programs-and-design-services/education-and-workforce-development/microcontrollers/ate-developed-material/#Lab3
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    VHDL or Verilog?

    Both languages are equally powerful when used to implement FPGA designs. VHDL has an edge when used for design simulation and verification, as it is a richer language. I find Verilog like Perl - very terse with a lot of stuff happening implicitly. Or maybe C in the pre-ANSI C days. I find VHDL much more structured, with everything being far more explicit. Because of this it gives you stubby fingers from typing too much. I you know C, you will find the syntax of Verilog quite familiar, so much that your head will hurt with the confusion. The choice is also somewhat country dependant, so maybe see what is used locally by looking at a few job ads.
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    Hi JColvin Thanks bro.. After increasing the sensitivity and interchanging the motor the robot is running. Thanks again for your help. Hamid
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    Yes, the original linked page was describing the nexys4-DDR version of that project, and the binaries will definitely not work on the Nexys4 (the entire pinout of the FPGA has been swapped around). The demo that JColvin just linked to is the correct version, and should work properly. The demo itself behaves exactly the same as the nexys4-DDR version.
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    Hdmi Sink On Zybo Zynq?

    Thanks for your reply, Sam. In another post I made, someone else pointed me to that same DVI2RGB IP that you linked, and I've been working on incorporating that into my design. To expand a bit on my hobby project, what I'm trying to do is take in video input from the HDMI port on the Zybo and have access to the video data in a Linux environment on the board so that I can then send the HDMI video over the internet. Basically, I'm trying to create my own HDMI over IP type system (Like a reverse Chromecast). The project you described seems like it would go a long way towards helping me accomplish my project. I would love to receive updates on how that project is coming along. I'll definitely be sending an email to support@digilentinc.com. What should I put in the subject line so that my e-mail doesn't get buried?
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    Upgraded Zybo Base System ?

    Hi, I too have this problem, I was planning to use this in a course but the upgrade spits a lot of errors. Is there any upgraded version available Digilent? Thanks! Edit: I am running Vivado 2014.4. Best Regards Emil Fresk LuleƄ University of Technology Sweden