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    Atlys board discontinued

    Hey Hamster, Thats awesome, wish it wasn't protected! Adding HDMI sound output to our rgb2dvi is a big want on our wish list. Wouldn't mind implementing multiple colorspaces too, having the option to transmit video as YUV422 would be a good way to decrease memory bandwidth without needing a colorspace converter in the pipeline (I think 16-bit YUV422 is more widely supported than RGB565 in Linux). If you're curious about what our future HDMI TX offering looks like, check out the rgb2dvi that we will be using in all future Vivado designs. Its part of the Vivado library we are starting to build now, found here: https://github.com/DigilentInc/vivado-library. I'd love to hear if you have any notes. And the Nexys-Video will have an HDMI TX reference project that uses this core posted on the Wiki when we get closer to release. We are putting a lot of effort towards getting better at posting this kind of material preemptive to or at the time of the product launch.
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    Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    I was getting “Device configuration failed (PLL 1)" error. I tried different things. finally, I disconnected the cables and rebooted the laptop - that fixed the problem.
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    Oled With Ck1 Cmod

    Hi bellizima, Yes, the OLED and the IOShieldOled libraries are very similar since the screen itself is the same part on both the Basic IOShield and as the Pmod. The only difference that I am aware of is that they use some different pin numbers to transfer signals from the host board. I think it might be helpful to have the two libraries combined as you suggest, but with the separate pin values (some mandated by nature of the Basic IO Shield since a lot of pins are tied to various components on the shield), and that possibility that some users might want to run two screens independent of one another, a single library may have it's own set of problems. But, as you point out, there are definitely potential issues with having to maintain two separate libraries. I'll look into it and see what the best approach might be. Thanks for the feedback! JColvin
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    Analog Discovery User Manual

    Folks - As a newbie to your products, where do I find and download a User Manual or a Tutorial for the Analog Discovery USB instrument. I have it working but I can only find the Technical manual and the on-line Help menu. I would like a document I can download and print
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    Thanks for catching that Sharon! That project has been updated.