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    Bays3 Programming Issue

    This behavior is normal — since the I/O pins connected to the seven-segment display are not used by your design, they are all being weakly pulled down by default. You can fix this by changing the default state of unused pins to floating. Open the process properties for "Generate Programming File", and set "-g UnusedPin" (under the "Configuration" section) to "Float".
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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It's in the manual for Nexys 3. I guess you have to set J8 and then it can self program on startup from an on board flash memory. Looks like the default is volatile mode and then you have to transfer the .BIT file on each start.
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    Basys �

    Hi ricardo_lara_gomez, Counting the number of complete turns a motor takes will depend on what you have available to you and your application, so I'll need to know a few more things before I can effectively help you. What kind of motor are you using? A DC motor, servo motor, or a stepper motor? Are you using the motor to go both forwards and backwards? Are you wanting the motor to just go at full speed or a variable speeds? Thanks, JColvin
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    Programming Nexys 2 From Os X

    I just managed to download one of the demos to my Nexys 3 with my OS X laptop using Ubuntu Desktop in Virtual Box. Took me about a week to figure this out with some help from people on this forum. OS X is not supported by Xilinx for the design tools and you need to run the Adept utilities by command line in Linux. I was never able to use Adept on Windows but it worked great with my VirtualBox Linux platform. The first thing I suggest is to get Xilinx ISE running. This alone took me several hours. You need to get a free license for it. Definitely look at the demo projects here: http://digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath=2,400,897&Prod=NEXYS2 If you don't want to use an emulator I think you'll need to get a Windows machine or set up a dedicated Linux box (which I may do now that I know it works).